CRYSTAL GAMBLE..First Archery Elk


BRYANT ASBURY…First Elk Ever, Taken With his Bow…

Archery season has come to a close, rifle season is quickly approaching.  Oct. 10 will kick of the general any weapon season in the Idaho panhandle.  Good luck to all the hunters looking to fill their freezers with Elk, Deer and Moose… (if your lucky enough to draw your once in a lifetime tag).  Stop in for information, supplies, or just to look around….Don’t wait to the last minute to get your Tags and License….But for those of you who do and will…. we will be open late both Monday the 8th and Tuesday the 9th…..


Had a great long weekend on Cascade Reservoir.  World class perch fishing right in central Idaho!  Tough conditions at times, but that’s Cascade for you.  -9 one morning to start, but the sun came out and it was beautiful…but slow fishing.  Other days just the opposite..snow, snow and snow..mix in a little (or a lot) of wind…But we still caught fish, had a great time, and enjoyed our trip.  Biggest perch was caught by Jerry,  2 lbs 5 oz.  biggest fish we have caught in our 5 trips to date!… Wish it wasn’t so far, would love to fish it more…..

St. Joe Still Fishing Great!

River flow is still good, 529 cfs as of this morning.  Water is still cold and of course very clear.  Caught lots of fish on various patterns…Stimulators, Yellow Humpies, Yellow Sallys, Adams Patterns, Tan and Blonde Caddis…all produced fish, However…the big fish are getting smart.  Lots of looks and not very many takes!   Did get a few nice ones…as Jr. Pro Staffer Trace Wicks shows above!  Beautiful colors starting to show up…on the fish and in the trees….Enjoy the rest of your summer.


What a great trip!….Friends, Family, and Fishing, nothing could have been better.  St. Joe River is currently flowing 621 cfs crystal clear and fishing great.  Hoppers and Caddis Patterns should be the flies of choice.  95+ temps for the 10 day forecast, last couple hours of daylight will be the best…tight lines everyone.


The river is currently flowing at 1110 cfs.  Flowing clear and fishing very well.  BWO, St. Joe Outlaw, Humpies, Green and Yellow body stone fly patterns all worked well yesterday evening.  Current warm days are making first couple hours of daylight and the last couple the most effective.  Go sub-surface with a Prince Nymph, Copper John, or dark bead head with legs during mid-day to keep the action going.  Stop in for the latest tips, hot spots, and best patterns….


What is better than sunny days, fireworks, family, and fun?   That same stuff with BLUE GOOSE ICE CREAM mixed in..bring the family down for a cone.  While your at the stand, poke your head in the Goose to get the latest tips on the fishing hotspots or a tube to stay cool playing in the water…


The weather has warmed, hatches are happening daily.  River is flowing at 2890 cfs., right on the 98 year average.  BWO, Adams, Stimulators, Humpies, Yellow Sallies, Irresistibles are all working.  You can even throw on a bead head of your favorite pattern below a big dry if that is your style.  Land slide is cleared, the entire river is assessable and fishing great!…Enjoy the weekend.


Get your tickets before Saturday’s Event.  Kids 12 and under.. free.. All others $10.00.  Win prizes for your catch, 4 divisions, sign up at Blue Goose Sporting Goods, Elk Lodge, or other local stores…Don’t miss out on the fun!!!!


The sun is out and the fish are biting, the St. Joe River is currently flowing at 4050 cfs.  Up a bit from the last couple days of rain, but fishing great!.  Most forest roads are clear of snow and (at least a good thing about the rain) shouldn’t be much dust!!.  Dworshak is at full pool and the Blueback are hitting..nice and fat too.  Bring your dad in, get a little gear and get 10% off his gift…(excludes guns an ammo) offer good for June 17 & 18 only.


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